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Mechanisms of Nitrification Inhibition by Azoles: A Framework to Promote Azole Detoxification, Biodegradation and Green Chemistry. (Semiconductor Research Corp.)

Azoles are used extensively in the semiconductor industry as corrosion inhibitors. Azoles are potent inhibitors of nitrification, a bacterial-catalyzed process that causes oxidation of ammonium to nitrate. This process is widely applied in wastewater treatment plants to meet environmental norms on nitrogen nutrient pollution. This project will develop a framework for understanding the mechanisms of the azole toxicity and this information will then be used to provide engineering solutions. One of the objectives is to develop processes that eliminate azole toxicity either by abiotic or biotic mechanisms. A second objective is to develop green chemistries for azoles that are designed around lowering ESH impact by reducing their toxicity or increasing their susceptibility to (bio)degradation in the environment.

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